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In this newsletter - 

  • Strong communities do these 4 things

  • TagFi gives back

  • Introducing our new affiliate Partnership Program


Strong communities maximizing their full network do these 4 things:

In our recent report, Harnessing the Power of Community, we noticed that the communities who successfully transitioned from the in-person connection style to virtual connection - and those that are attracting both older generations and Millennial/Gen Z participation - have these four skills in common:

  1. They make their content easily accessible.
  2. They seek diverse participation and leadership.
  3. They listen to feedback.
  4. They carefully monitor the community tone.

The communities that utilize tools to help streamline their group management and create consistent, valuable content report a 7,071% ROI. This return is partly due to increased customer loyalty and lowered support cost, but is largely attributed to better word-of-mouth marketing. People tend to trust referrals, and the groups that truly create value for their members or donors receive innumerable referrals.

Read our full report here.


Invest in You is our way to support mission-based groups

At TagFi, we believe in the significant work of mission-based groups across the country. That’s why we started the "Invest in You" program to help under-resourced mission-based groups access the community management tools they need. If you want to partner with TagFi, just pitch us on your mission!  If selected, we will build a custom-branded app for you at little to no cost.  Please click here to apply for the Invest in You Program.


Unleash your earning potential with our new Partnership Program

This new feature, now available for all TagFi clients, might just be one of our most powerful. Now, the group leaders within your community can monetize their following and earn significant income for doing what they already do!

The online community leaders within your organization are already creating valuable content, events, and resources. Now they can earn a portion of every new subscription to their private group on your platform. You’ll have another reason to encourage community group leaders to join your TagFi platform, and they’ll enjoy a new revenue stream as a result. An affiliate-style program isn’t exactly a new concept. But while traditional affiliates earn only a one-time “finder’s fee” for referrals, with our powerful Partnership Program, your group leaders will earn a significant portion of every monthly or yearly subscription renewal from their members. That’s limitless recurring income for years to come. This Partnership Program will grow your online community and strengthen every group, and group leader, within it.


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