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January 2022 Newsletter


Welcome to the TagFi newsletter. We created this monthly newsletter to help you thrive as a community, to connect with other communities just like yours, and to keep you up-to-date on the latest tips and trends that guide community management. Enjoy!


    • Trends: Why this year communities are more important than ever
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    And it's also never been so challenge. In a survey or over 1,000 membership organizations, 46% admitted that the biggest obstacle to their growth was "difficulty reaching potential members."  The second biggest obstacle?  Not having enough time to find new members and care for the existing ones.  These are sobering statistics!  At a time when engaging with a community and feeling that sense of belonging is needed most. So how can you as a community leader reach more potential members in less time? And how can you provide enhanced value for your existing members? We dive into these questions and more in our latest report, Building a Member Engagement Strategy that Actually Works





    A warm welcome to our newest TagFi clients, All Seasons Fitness Media & Black Women’s Blueprint! 

    All Seasons Fitness Media is an elite fitness company in Los Angeles. They use their background in entertainment and promotion to help groups host engaging, high-energy health and wellness events. TagFi is proud to empower their community connections and help streamline their cross-country events.

    Black Women’s Blueprint is a growing organization of Black women on a mission to improve health, heal their community, and to create a safe retreat for those in need. Through TagFi, this group is streamlining their fundraising efforts and collaborating seamlessly to build an even stronger community. 

    These two organizations are focused on building a better tomorrow, both for their members and the generations to come. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help these clients grow their reach, strengthen their impact, and exceed their goals.



    Have you joined the TagFi Leaders Level Up channel? Seeing is believing, so come experience TagFi technology in action! Connect with other community leaders just like you! Network, access resources, join events, and get the tools you need to grow. We’ll see you there! 

    Get involved! Check out our new schedule of events launching this month. We’re pleased to announce our brand new TagFi Tech Webinar Series. This free educational series is for current and prospective clients. It includes quick informational webinars to show you how TagFi’s software revolutionizes community engagement and revenue. 

    Join us for TagFi Tuesdays, all are invited! 

    Every Tuesday we’re hosting two informational sessions focused on how community leaders can leverage technology to grow their group, connect with members, and generate significant recurring revenue.



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