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Welcome to the TagFi newsletter. We created this weekly newsletter to help you thrive as a community, to connect with other communities just like yours, and to keep you informed about the latest tips and trends within online community management. 


(P.S. When you’re done with this newsletter, forward it to another community leader. Together, we can keep communities alive and thriving.)


In this newsletter - 

  • New product updates are coming your way!
  • Say hello to our newest community members
  • Membership groups will look a lot different post-COVID


Three Ways to TagFi

Transform your community with two new offerings: TagFi Essentials and TagFi Growth.

We’ve found that some smaller communities need a faster, simpler solution for their groups. Meetup groups, co-working spaces, and local community groups each can benefit from our new versatile TagFi solutions.

Community Essentials:

  • Best for small groups and organizations.

  • Includes a quick-launch branded web page. Use it as a landing page or add it to your existing site!

  • Comes with many of the powerful solutions found in our Enterprise platform, including events software, push notifications, reports and analytics, seamless payment processing, and email automations. 

Community Marketplace (our most popular solution!):

  • Perfect for membership businesses, associations, and organizations.

  • Offer multiple membership tiers, access advanced community tools, and unlock greater revenue potential.

  • Includes the popular Marketplace feature, a customizable website, business profiles, a members directory, events marketplace, and more. 

TagFi Enterprise (the original!): 

  • Most effective and powerful community engagement solution
  • Complete with a custom-branded website and mobile app. 
  • Ideal platform for engaging large communities and driving powerful revenue. 

All three "new" simplified TagFi offerings give every business, organization, and group the chance to harness the power of community. Interested, offering a FREE TRIAL until 12/31.


Chambers are on the rise this month

Join us in sending a warm welcome to our two newest clients: The Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce in Texas and Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, IL! These two chambers are working hard to build a thriving business network in their home communities. Keep up the good work! This is the perfect time of year for Chambers and business organizations to launch their new TagFi platform. Having your solution up and running ahead of the new year gives your organization a strong selling point to drive new memberships and encourage engagement.


Communities are changing as life slowly returns to “normal” 

While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt worldwide, our communities are slowly returning to the pre-COVID “norms” of in-person gatherings, working from the office (at least occasionally), and shaking hands. 

Even as the most obvious signs of the pandemic begin to fade – like masks, empty shelves, and closed schools – we know that community will never be the same. 

The digital economy is growing.

Over the past 20 months we have quickly grown comfortable with advanced digitization. We’ve all experienced remote work or education, telemedicine, autonomous delivery services, contactless payments, and virtual connections. The digital economy is booming and these trends are being amplified. Communities that tap into the digital economy will thrive, while offline communities are sure to dwindle. 

Technology can’t replace connection

In a Pew research study, 72% of Americans say the internet, phones, and technology can’t replace in-person contact. While we’re more comfortable than ever with tech, people still crave community and connection. 

Our connections will become even more meaningful

The pandemic has helped us realize that together, we can drive real change. Community groups across the country have donated, volunteered, served, cared for, and supported one another in unprecedented ways. We realized that when we band together around a common mission, we can really make a difference.

These lasting pandemic symptoms will change the way member groups operate in the future. They’ll need to be both digital and physical, both growth and mission-minded. While 2022 will likely come with its own surprises and challenges, the communities that stay adaptable and connected are sure to weather the ups and downs.


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